Home and Building Inspection in Queens – Buyer Beware

Since the purchase of a home is usually the single biggest transaction in an individual’s lifetime and since many residences must be purchased “as-is”, to have a home inspection in Queens is absolutely essential if the would-be buyer is to protect him or herself against buying a residence with hazardous construction defects.

Keep in mind, the city or state building inspectors may not always be as thorough or as focused as a private inspector for a variety of reasons, although many home buyers often assume they are. Public inspectors are usually specialized to inspect specific aspects of a building, meaning they will not look at all the systems and components of a house. Moreover, for a newly constructed residence, a specialist inspector is only present for the stage of construction which he is concerned with. So, one inspector will come for framing and another for roofing, but no one has assessed the structure as a whole.

With few exceptions, the doctrine of “buyer beware” ought to be applied to any and all real estate transactions. The buyer has the duty to act with all due diligence to assess the soundness and value of their purchase. You should not rely in any way upon the seller to disclose defects in the condition of the home as they affect the living conditions therein. Often, the mere silence by the seller, without any specific effort to deceive the buyer, will not amount to criminal concealment, and leaves the buyer to absorb the cost of any defect unfound before the deal is closed with no legal recourse.

A thorough home inspection in Queens can protect the would-be buyer from the heavy and often bankrupting costs of a deficient home. The inspection should include, but is not limited to the heating and cooling systems, the plumbing and piping in the bathroom, kitchen and laundry rooms, the drainage systems of the roof and the surrounding landscape, the electrical hook-ups and wiring, and the structural and framing components. Many home inspections, however, will not include tests for radon gas concentrations or examinations of possible mold problems. These extra, but nonetheless essential inspection services must be requested and paid for separately.

Before an inspection is conducted, go over with the inspector all the areas that will be covered. This is important, as not all inspectors carry out the inspection process in the same level of meticulous attention to detail. Some will try to get away with a walk-through inspection, which is like no inspection at all. The post-inspection report should reflect the pre-inspection outline of expectations and aspects of the home to be evaluated. It is a good idea to do research to familiarize yourself with what is the norm when it comes to inspecting your residence.

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