Link Building Service: Think Before Investing

Backlink is the most important part of you success in online business. Every webmaster, every online marketer and even each and every blogger are running behind building backlinks. If you are not aware of link building strategies and SEO (Search Engine Optimization), you might think to hire link building service being offered by internet marketing company. If so, you must read this article before investing your money.

There are so many strategies to build one way do follow link to your business or product site and similarly there are various types of backlinks. Like…

7 Types of Back links.

Do follow one way link
No follow one way link.
Do follow or no follow reciprocal link.
Link from similar niche site or blog.
Link from irrelevant site or blogs.
Profile links.
Home page links, footer links and in text links.

7 LinkBuilding Strategies.

Blog commenting.
Forum posting.
Blog post.
Article Directories.
Link Directories.
Link Exchanges.
Link farms.

The possibilities of link building are count less, you learn as you do it. Now let me come to the point, if you are considering hiring link building service how you will find the effectiveness of their service?

All link building strategies are not useful, genuine or ethical in terms of search engine algorithms. Some of them may harm your PR (Google Page Rank) instead of helping you to improve it. So it is very important to understand the different aspects of link building service. Do your link building service provider describes about following?

What methods they are using?
What kind of backlinks they will provide? I mean do follow one way.
If they are using any automated software for submission or they are creating all these manually?
How much they charge you for each backlink?
What are the backlink sources? Blogs, relative sites, directories or others.

If not, you should think twice before hiring them. Here I have derived some strategies to find proper SEO (Search Engine Optimization) service online from my own experience.

Who are more experienced and working in the same field for more than 5 to 6 years,
They PR (Google Page Rank) must be higher, approximately 5 or above. If not, how they can help you improve your PR?
IF you find for their reviews online, most of the reviews must be positive and from the genuine satisfied clients. You may find them also from reputed SEO forums or communities.
Their terms and SEO strategies must be transparent to you, so you may understand what you are paying for and how you are going to be benefited form their work.